An apple watch can make an call independantly

Since the Apple Corp released AppleWatchSeries3 last September, the watch has been selling well. Compared with previous generations of Apple watches, the new Apple watch is a major feature of independent calls, but because there was no official support for its cellular network service at home, it was disappointing to many users at home.

In March 7th, China Unicom announced that 6 cities in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Changsha were the first to start the “eSIM one double terminal” business. And Zhengzhou has the honor to become the first batch in the country, and is the only pilot city in Henan. Apple Corp’s third generation smart watch product AppleWatchSeries3 (GPS+ cellular network) has also become the first terminal product supporting the business.

People in the industry have pointed out that as China Unicom’s innovative communication product oriented to the consumer Internet era, the launch of “eSIM one double terminal” has broken the bondage of mobile phone as the only carrier of mobile communication, providing the possibility for multi scene calls and intelligent applications. The wearable device can share the number with the user’s cell phone, and the cell phone is no longer the only telephone device; especially for “fruit powder”, the apple watch that can phone on its own is finally coming.

Microsoft Surface smart watch

Microsoft has never tried to launch a real smart watch. Although the Xbox department had a secret R & D of watch equipment before, Microsoft later launched the Microsoft bracelet and the Microsoft hand 2, but finally stopped here, and the Microsoft hand ring 3 has been snow. Many smart watches, including apple Apple Watch, have begun to support App applications and LTE connections.

IT’s home reported that the recent designer Christopher Fernandes released the ultimate Microsoft Surface Band handset, using a flexible flexible screen, and extending it to a smartphone with a Windows Core OS system. In addition to calling, it can also connect to the big screen like Lumia 950 XL and act as a PC device.

The concept design version of Microsoft Surface Band bracelet is also built on the Andromeda (Andromeda) project, which is the new device adaptation system Microsoft is developing now.

Pay by Watch has finally come

The action pays the battlefield from the mobile phone to the watch, the smart watch changes and can be used as a credit card; the wearer Garmin announced that “Garmin Pay” was officially launched on the platform, a payment platform across electronic tickets and credit cards.

Garmin took action in 2016, and launched the first payment hand ring with the iPASS card, so far it has reached up to 95% mobile card rates; to provide consumers with a better action to pay the experience, Garmin and the iPASS card with China Trust, Yushan, Taipei rich state, Taiwan new, national Tai Shihua, federal and other banks, jointly announced Taiwan first launched payment platform across ticket and credit card.

Zheng Youqin, deputy general manager of the Bank of Cathay Pacific Bank and the general management of new financial management, said that the sports wind was ramming and Garmin Pay was introduced. The card friends can experience sports without carrying cash and purse, while managing health, enjoying convenient and safe payment, and further building a more intelligent and convenient health new life.

Watch Pay has appeared in Taiwan

Mobile payment has gradually developed from mobile phones to the watch market. Garmin and iPASS card last year launched the first payment handset, and up to 95% mobile card rates. Yesterday (14 days), we worked together with the 6 banks to jointly announce the official line of “Garmin Pay”, the first first cross ticket and credit card payment platform in Taiwan. Besides, it is not necessary to take mobile phones out, so long as a good watch is set, it can be paid independently.

At present, Garmin’s intelligent wristwatch vivoactive 3, and the upcoming professional sports meter Forerunner 645 Series in April also support Garmin Pay, the later out movement without any more change, a watch can be solved, compared to the Cellular version of Apple Watch Series 3, although it has support eSIM function, unfortunately there is no electricity in Taiwan at present. Credit providers provide services, so they are not yet able to pay the watches independently. Therefore, Garmin currently dominates the wearable payment market in Taiwan.

Armani Star Watch

This watch is currently in the domestic price is more than 4000, the foreign price is about two thousand to six thousand yuan float.

This is to allow a young man heart bursting watch. The so-called elegance is not a moment of eye, but always remembered! Emporio Armani consistently interprets leisure and elegance, expresses vitality and free and easy, and creates a unique style full of temptation. Emporio Armani has become the fashion symbol of global fashion followers. With the passage of time, Emporio Armani continues to develop, and now it has become one of the main brands of the group, showing a spirit of unruly.

The sky star watch’s simple atmosphere is inlaid with countless diamonds, like the stars of the sky.

China is ready to make a super scuba diving watch

The official said that the AMAZFIT intelligent sports watch 2 has super waterproof ability, waterproof grade up to 5ATM (equivalent to water pressure of 50 meters below water), not only can wear swimming, but also record all kinds of data in swimming, and support open water and swimming pool two kinds of models.

The waterproof performance of AMAZFIT intelligent watch 2 has been measured by users.

He said that during the new year, he took the 2 generation of watches to Thailand, Koh Samui and Ko Tao for diving. The snorkeling was about 4,5 meters, and there were about three hours a day in the water. Two weeks later the watch performance is still intact, the button part was a little salt, now gone. The overall performance is surprising.

In this regard, China Science and technology founder &CEO Huang Wang to the majority of users seek advice: “do a super diving table OK?”

What’s interesting is that micro-blog official also asked advice from netizens. So it seems that the super diving table is likely to ask the city.

Explore the quality of children’s watches by action

Recently, the Shenzhen television station has made a dark visit and report on the children’s smart watch on the market, and dismantled the white watch watches in ababo. Through the field dismantling two different watches, we can find that the hardware structure of white wrist watch is very simple, mainly the motherboard, battery and shell. But looking at the ababo watch, it will clearly feel the refinement of its structure. On the chip that determines the stability of the watch signal and the accuracy of positioning, ababo watches at least 10 chips, and the white watch doesn’t even have a GPS chip. In addition, in the waterproof aspect of parents’ attention, although the watch has loudspeaker, MIC and SIM card opening, but ababo realizes the depth of water level from the structure design, specially designed the waterproof ring and waterproof membrane, which not only ensures the depth of water proof, but also ensures clear sound transmission.

As a product that is close to children’s skin, the material of children’s watch is naturally concerned by parents. As a new industry with only less than five years, the child smart watch industry, the head of Ababa, said that the development of the industry is a mess because of the lack of relevant standards and industry constraints. But the standard of ababo has always been higher than the industry level. The raw materials used are strict certification of the European Union EN71, the European Union RoHS and the coating SGS. Because the standard is very strict, some materials lead to the supply chain that runs all over the Pearl River Delta. If the standard is not strictly controlled from the source, if the unqualified product is on the hand of the child, the impact and injury is a family. As a product that protects the child’s safety, it is absolutely impossible to be another hidden danger.

In the unannounced visits and reports of white watches in Shenzhen TV station, another hidden danger point of watch quality which is easily neglected by parents is exposed — information security. Before reporters, information security experts relaxed the geographical location transmission path of white watches, showing the longitude and latitude and location of watches. The CCTV had been exposed before similar reports. As a manufacturer of the ISO27001 international information security management system, ababo is the leader of the international information security management system. It is responsible for information security. They collaborate with the Ali cloud at the security level of the Internet, build a cloud security service architecture, and use key information such as the location of the child watch, the chat record and the address book. SSL encryption and high intensity dynamic key encryption technology ensure that data is not stolen and monitored in transmission.

The operating system of google’s smart watch

In the smart watch market, Google revised Android code and launched the watch operation system “Android Wear”. Compared with apple watches, the system has less influence. According to the latest news from foreign media, Google may rename the operation system, the new name is “Wear OS”.

Google has launched its first Android 9 preview version to developers, and some developers have discovered that Google began to call the watch operating system “Wear OS”, and Google also modified it to be a “W” letter in the past.

At present, Google official has not yet announced the news of the watch operation system modifying the brand.

In the annual Google I/O development conference, Google will introduce the latest generation of watch operation system function to developers. If the brand is changed, Google may announce this year’s conference.

It is well known that the apple flag has four operating systems, and the apple watch operating system is called “watchOS”. If “Wear OS” is used, the name of the Google system will be more similar to that of the apple.