The operating system of google’s smart watch

In the smart watch market, Google revised Android code and launched the watch operation system “Android Wear”. Compared with apple watches, the system has less influence. According to the latest news from foreign media, Google may rename the operation system, the new name is “Wear OS”.

Google has launched its first Android 9 preview version to developers, and some developers have discovered that Google began to call the watch operating system “Wear OS”, and Google also modified it to be a “W” letter in the past.

At present, Google official has not yet announced the news of the watch operation system modifying the brand.

In the annual Google I/O development conference, Google will introduce the latest generation of watch operation system function to developers. If the brand is changed, Google may announce this year’s conference.

It is well known that the apple flag has four operating systems, and the apple watch operating system is called “watchOS”. If “Wear OS” is used, the name of the Google system will be more similar to that of the apple.

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