China is ready to make a super scuba diving watch

The official said that the AMAZFIT intelligent sports watch 2 has super waterproof ability, waterproof grade up to 5ATM (equivalent to water pressure of 50 meters below water), not only can wear swimming, but also record all kinds of data in swimming, and support open water and swimming pool two kinds of models.

The waterproof performance of AMAZFIT intelligent watch 2 has been measured by users.

He said that during the new year, he took the 2 generation of watches to Thailand, Koh Samui and Ko Tao for diving. The snorkeling was about 4,5 meters, and there were about three hours a day in the water. Two weeks later the watch performance is still intact, the button part was a little salt, now gone. The overall performance is surprising.

In this regard, China Science and technology founder &CEO Huang Wang to the majority of users seek advice: “do a super diving table OK?”

What’s interesting is that micro-blog official also asked advice from netizens. So it seems that the super diving table is likely to ask the city.

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