An apple watch can make an call independantly

Since the Apple Corp released AppleWatchSeries3 last September, the watch has been selling well. Compared with previous generations of Apple watches, the new Apple watch is a major feature of independent calls, but because there was no official support for its cellular network service at home, it was disappointing to many users at home.

In March 7th, China Unicom announced that 6 cities in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Changsha were the first to start the “eSIM one double terminal” business. And Zhengzhou has the honor to become the first batch in the country, and is the only pilot city in Henan. Apple Corp’s third generation smart watch product AppleWatchSeries3 (GPS+ cellular network) has also become the first terminal product supporting the business.

People in the industry have pointed out that as China Unicom’s innovative communication product oriented to the consumer Internet era, the launch of “eSIM one double terminal” has broken the bondage of mobile phone as the only carrier of mobile communication, providing the possibility for multi scene calls and intelligent applications. The wearable device can share the number with the user’s cell phone, and the cell phone is no longer the only telephone device; especially for “fruit powder”, the apple watch that can phone on its own is finally coming.

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