Pay by Watch has finally come

The action pays the battlefield from the mobile phone to the watch, the smart watch changes and can be used as a credit card; the wearer Garmin announced that “Garmin Pay” was officially launched on the platform, a payment platform across electronic tickets and credit cards.

Garmin took action in 2016, and launched the first payment hand ring with the iPASS card, so far it has reached up to 95% mobile card rates; to provide consumers with a better action to pay the experience, Garmin and the iPASS card with China Trust, Yushan, Taipei rich state, Taiwan new, national Tai Shihua, federal and other banks, jointly announced Taiwan first launched payment platform across ticket and credit card.

Zheng Youqin, deputy general manager of the Bank of Cathay Pacific Bank and the general management of new financial management, said that the sports wind was ramming and Garmin Pay was introduced. The card friends can experience sports without carrying cash and purse, while managing health, enjoying convenient and safe payment, and further building a more intelligent and convenient health new life.